Let us take care of all your Upholstery Cleaning jobs.
Using our Steam cleaning method we can ensure your Fabrics will be cleaner and dryer.
We always make sure to clean your Upholstery very carefully, especially as some fabrics require being delicately cleaned.
Not every Fabric can be cleaned the same.
Some Fabrics require certain techniques to ensure the Upholstery Cleaning process is done right.
Our technician is trained to carry out a safe cleaning process on all your Furniture.
Before we carry out any cleaning we always check or test your Fabrics to ensure the material is able to be cleaned safely.
Most times we can determine if your Upholstery can safely be cleaned by knowing the exact material.
Other times we can test the Fabric.
Give us a call today to inquire about you Upholstery Cleaning Auckland job today!